I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Season and a happy and wonderful start to the New Year. How are those New Year resolutions going? Do you have any? Have you broken them already? I'm pretty happy with my lot but choose not to make resolutions, but rather aim to be better at everything I do and all that I wish to achieve. 

January is a hot month here in Australia. Sun, sea, surf and summer holidays are all a part of the plan. As Australians, we look forward to celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY on January 26. So, in honour of that, with each purchase of my album "NO ORDINARY GIRL" I will also send you a CD of the first song that started my songwriting journey for me "AUSTRALIA." IF you are an Aussie, it also has my version of our National Anthem. You can watch the video of it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnP5nMIy9Uand hope that it inspires you to visit us one day soon!  

You can catch up on my latest news regarding my wins in the 34th Australian Songwriter's Association Song Contest in my Biography Section. Don't forget, that you can check out my songs in the Music section. 

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Until the next time we meet again, have a great day!!!!
Lots of love,
Lori xxx